For years now, I've been asking a number of my friends and acquaintances a series of these thought-provoking "hypotheticals." This is where I present an erotic-tinged scenario with a challenging predicament and then ask how they would respond. The results have always proven to be insightful and amusing, never failing to elicit interesting conversation and a feeling of knowing each other a little better.

Until now, it's been somewhat of an underground activity that I've informally indulged in while hangin' out with friends. I've even taken special requests over the years to "administer" some of the more popular ones for unsuspecting friends of friends, all with similar results. It's been a lot of fun and very enlightening. And, as a result of all the years I've spent traveling on the road, I've had a lot of great material from which to construct an ever-expanding flow of these hypotheticals; yet another perk to this very unconventional lifestyle.

There is a deeper observation, however. What I've noticed is that sexuality is one of the more personal and authentic ways that we as humans express ourselves, and that many of our ethical codes and spiritual philosophies are reflected in our decisions about how we choose to express it. So, by addressing a variety of different sexual scenarios, we get "beyond the veil," through the red tape of sociological protocol and into the true essence of who we are. One minute, we're talking about something unabashedly kinky, the next minute we're talking about spirituality or morality. It's interesting...

Also, the differences between men and women are further magnified with many of these hypotheticals, setting the stage for hours of, shall we say, "stimulating" conversation. If we can get around our obvious differences without strangling each other, you'll find that, on many fronts, we can really get to know each other quickly, the "hypothetical" way.

As for the “how to” part of this book, just read 'em or play 'em. They seem to work well in most any situation; the rowdy environs of a larger group, the contemplative ambiance of a dinner party or the reflective, intimate vibe of a one-on-one, friend or lover setting. We've even detailed some suggestions on how to get the most out of a "reading" in the Before We Get Started section of the book. Or, you can go over them alone and compare your responses with others in the Findings section in Part Two.

Metaphorically speaking, consider this harmless little book a "nudist camp" in the oftentimes complex city of social interaction; this is where you can let it all hang out. Above all else, have fun with them!