What Would YOU Do?

Hypothetical Erotica
asks the question...
and when you and your friends answer, get ready for a
rip-roaring good time!

Throw "Scruples" and "Politically Incorrect" in a blender, add a few friends or acquaintances, then kick back and enjoy some of the most interesting conversation imaginable!

The Green Baron Press

...kind of like an adult board game-in-a-book that playfully and profoundly gets us to the heart of who we are. Undeniably original...you will have a ball!


Hypothetical Erotica is a collection of brief, fantasy-like scenarios, each with an erotic undertone and a soul-searching predicament, to be read for discussion, contemplation and a lot of fun. And with the enclosed spoken word CD, you can even "play" the hypotheticals, making this...

The Ultimate Conversational Party Book!



The CD - which is cleverly packaged in a vinyl pouch that's affixed to the inside of the book - features spoken word renditions of all the hypotheticals, performed by the author, complete with accompanying music and true-to-life ambient sounds "just like you were there!"

Then, you can turn to the Findings section in the back and compare your responses with others!

Whether you "say 'em or play 'em," Hypothetical Erotica is an absolute must for any occasion where you want to spark some interesting, provocative and fun conversation.


Hypothetical Erotica is magic! Anytime I've ever pulled the book out for a little fun with friends, it never fails to loosen everyone up and get us into the coolest and most insightful discussions. The CD's great, too!

K. D. - St. Louis, MO


What's It All About?

Hang on tight as Hypothetical Erotica takes you around the globe and throws you right in the middle of the most interesting dilemmas:

You have a chance to participate in a top secret experiment that will put you in the body of the opposite sex for an hour...with some special instructions. Will you go through with it?
You're away on business when your lover calls to tell you about an "unusual" evening he/she had. Will you forgive them?
You find yourself in a prison cell in Istanbul. Which of the two ways to serve time will you choose?
You've met the mate of your dreams...but how will you deal with the one thing they will never do?
You're in Europe, in the midst of the most erotic encounter of your life...until your partner shares a "secret" with you. What will you do?
...and many more!


This Book/CD Package is an Absolute Blast!


Check Out Some of the Many Uses
Hypothetical Erotica Could Offer:

The Ultimate Conversational Springboard

  • With Friends: Have the book handy the next time you're hanging out with a friend or two, then break out a few hypos.
  • On a date: Read or play a couple of hypos on your next date for some of the most interesting conversation imaginable!
  • At a dinner party: Try Hypothetical Erotica at the next dinner party you attend. It is the perfect post-meal conversation igniter.

The Perfect Gift

  • Looking for a unique gift idea for that friend, associate or loved one? This beautiful hardcover book/CD package makes the perfect gift.

An Unusual Party Favor or Raffle Item

  • For larger gatherings, offer Hypothetical Erotica as a party favor or as a complementary raffle drawing prize!


Grab Your Copy Today!

This original, hard cover edition of Hypothetical Erotica measures 7" X 10", is 208 pages, and includes a beautiful, full-color dust jacket and a 70-minute CD. The book features 25 different hypos, a detailed Findings section and original art by Christopher Auman, making it an excellent coffee table-style conversation book. Hypothetical Erotica is great at parties, get-togethers and gatherings of all kinds and it makes the perfect gift for friends, family members, coworkers or loved ones.

Only $19.95


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