This section features both audio and video files. You can hear audio versions of the hypos, taken from the enclosed CD, or watch exclusive video excerpts from Bobby's Hypo Erotica "work-in-progress" pilot program. Enjoy...


Listen to a Hypo!

As an alternative to reading a hypo, the book comes with a CD that features spoken word renditions of each of the 25 hypos, performed by the author, complete with accompanying music and true-to-life ambient sounds.

Click on the link below to hear an MP3 sample:

Hypo #3 - Doin' Time in Turkey



Watch a "Person-on-the-Street" Interview
Montage of People Responding to a Hypo!

The following clip is based on Hypo #1 from the book. Be sure to read it in the Preview section first.

Summary: You have a chance to participate in a top secret experiment that will put you in the body of the opposite sex for an hour...with some special instructions (and a $1000 cash gratuity). Will you go through with it?

See what everyone had to say:

(Warning - This clip deals with adult content and contains some "mature" language.)

Hypo #1 - UCLA Medical Experiment

Hang tight! This is a large file (27MB),
so it might take a few minutes to download.




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