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A modern day Renaissance man, Bobby Rock is a world renown drummer and percussion educator, an author, a fitness guru, a producer of both videos and CDs, and the CEO/Founder of Paranormal Records, Rock-Solid Fitness and Zen Man Media.

A prolific writer, Bobby is the author of five books, with another five-plus currently in the works at various stages of completion. Bobby's writings cover a wide range of subjects and forms, from music and drumming to health and fitness, from veganism to human sexuality, from peak creative performance to metaphysics, and from personal memoirs to poetry. Hypothetical Erotica remains a favorite among Bobby's readership!

He is also a recognized health and fitness specialist and consultant with over 15 years of experience in the field. He's a certified personal trainer (American Council on Exercise), with additional certifications in nutrition and meditation. He has since released a number of published articles on the subject of health and wellness, and has a forthcoming book entitled Rock-Solid Fitness, which details his entire regimen.

A native Californian, Bobby grew up in Houston, Texas before pursuing a career in music, which really began at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. As an accomplished performer and studio drummer, he has worked with a diverse roster of artists, including ex-Kiss guitarist's Vinnie Vincent Invasion, funk-rock pioneers Rare Earth, the multi-platinum Nelson, guitar heroes Neil Zaza, Bob Kulick, Michael Angelo, Brett Garsed and T.J. Helmerich, funk bass phenom Bill "The Buddha" Dickens, and has played on a variety of other records, soundtracks and session dates. He has also recorded with Hardline and Nitro, toured with perennial hard rockers, Slaughter, and is known for his longtime recording/touring affiliation with instrumental guitar great, Gary Hoey. Bobby's current musical activities include work with the new modern metal act, Carnival of Souls.

Additionally, Bobby has released three records as a solo artist, two top-selling drum videos (including his critically acclaimed masterwork, The Zen of Drumming) and is recognized as one of the premier performers and educators in the industry, having done over 800 drumming workshops and exhibitions worldwide.

A relentless touring performer who has been consistently on the road for much of his career, Bobby remains a vegan (one who follows a strict vegetarian diet and avoids any animal-based clothing or consumer goods) and an advocate of drug-free living with many years of sobriety.

Bobby resides in Los Angeles (when not on the road!).



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